Unique LA Holiday Market: Give Good Gifts

December 7th, 2014


If you could list one thing that was definitively me, it would be Los Angeles. There is always something in this grand city for everyone. This past weekend, I attended the Unique LA‘s 7th Annual LA Holiday Market at the California Market Center in downtown LA with my fantastic girlgang. 


The lively space housed over three hundred vendors — crafters, artists, indie designers — all in the name of supporting local businesses. I went under the guise of purchasing holiday gifts, but of course, I bought everything for myself!


When we first stepped in, we were overpowered by the heavenly scent of cotton candy from Bon Puf. The girlgang and I wandered the aisles for hours stopping at every booth, tasting delicious snacks and even stopping at a fun photobooth! The set-up heavily encouraged giving great gifts; there were plenty of free wrapping stations. There was also an adorable DIY Den for you to get inspired and design your own gift wrap paper/cards/etc.




What I absolutely loved was the positive atmosphere around the whole place. The columns were adorned with creative thoughts and sentiments meant to inspire and motivate.


It was massive and overwhelming at first but the girlgang and I did a complete walk-though at all the booths and then circled back to all the places that stuck out in our minds.


‘Plastique’ motivated me to get in the business of handwritten notes and letters. I definitely recommend getting address stamps with your city skyline!


‘Sires Crown’ has handcrafted wooden eyewear. I plan on booking an appointment in their studio for a pair with comic paneling on the frames.

All that shopping can build up an appetite!


Donut Snob


You can’t stop the beat with these music-themed donuts from Donut Friend!


Mallow Mallow


I walked away with the most perfect (and hilarious) set of greeting cards from Sweet Perversion. Who will be the lucky recipients! My purchases also include Fleet Collection‘s beaded cardigan, necklace, tote; a left brain-right brain notebook from Skulltastic; a tank from Hips & Hair; and an air plant from Urban Geometry.


Sweet Perversion cards.


I do believe the girlgang and I got our 2014 holiday cards handled thanks to Oh! Snap Yourself!






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